Our Services

AEO’s architects, designers, engineers, consultants, and specialists have the expertise to take your project from start to completion, while guaranteeing a superior level of service and professionalism every step of the way.


Throughout our network of offices, our engineers maintain constant communication to share knowledge and experience, allowing us to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions that would fulfill all of our clients’ needs. Aeo has managed to provide its services in various countries in the Gulf Area, Middle East and Africa.


Our services cover residential, industrial, commercial, and privates projects, and fall into 3 main categories:


  • Consultancy: We provide our clients with studies of feasibility, operational cost and maintenance improvement, and general conformity to the highest and most stringent contracting specifications. Whether for existing buildings or prospective projects, our team of specialists makes sure that all aspects of your building, from the design to the materials used, integrate into one functionally efficient unit.


  • Design: Building on our deep knowledge and experience in the field, we provide you with unique yet highly practical designs for your projects. Down to the littlest detail, and conformant with the highest efficiency standards and best practices, our meticulous designs, made with the latest technologies, provide general and sub-contractors with exact instructions on transforming your initial vision to reality on the ground.


  • Contracting: In addition to design, we provide general contracting services or sub-contracting. We pride ourselves with our speed of construction, punctuality, and high attention to details.